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Potato Farm Jaga Pokkuru

Jaga Pokkuru has been a long-seller, for its unique texture.

If you’re looking for potatoes with great taste and quality, look no further than Hokkaido-grown potatoes.”Jaga Pokkuru” is made from 100% Hokkaido-grown potatoes. Flavorful Hokkaido potatoes are grown in a crisp climate with big differences in temperature between day and night. In collaboration with potato farmers, we’ve developed the perfect soil and fertilizer for potatoes. After the potatoes are harvested, they’re checked for quality and stored at strictly controlled temperatures, before the next step.


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Contains: Potatoes (non-GMO), vegetable oil, dextrin, salt, konbu extract powder, starch, yeast extract powder / seasoning (amino acids and other), antioxidant(V.C)

Allergy Information : *In accordance with the Food Labeling Act, Calbee labels a total of 27 ingredients: mandatory items (7 items), and items that are recommended to be indicated(20), if used as an ingredient in their product.
Best Before : 120 days from the date of manufacture
Storage: Keep in cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight

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Jaga Pokkuru (6packs), Jaga Pokkuru (10packs)

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